Construction site and new website in the making!

The past months have been very constructive. Several new strong research partners have joined the R&D team in the quest to build a 3D printed canal house in the heart of Amsterdam. Currently the construction site is being prepared and the building permit is on its way! As soon as the building site will open to the public, also the new website will go online. The research and development of the KamerMaker will be continued and can from then on be followed via The opening date of both the building site and website will be posted here soon. We’re looking forward to meet you there!


Up up up!

The canal house design continues to evolve and our tests continue to grow as we break the 2.5m barrier!

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3D Test print

Snapshot movie of last Saturday’s 3D-print-test researching new material settings and constructive ornament ideas.

Discussing the future … of 3D printing

Partner DOEN visited the KamerMaker. We had a nice analogue presentation and discussion about the effects and future possibilities of 3D printing.

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International press visit

Today the KamerMaker is one of the Amsterdam locations for the international press visit in the context of the Coronation fever. Crews from Russia, Japan, Costa Rica, Germany, Norway and many others where interested to see the innovative side of Amsterdam.

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It is official!

Today we celebrated the launch of the building of the Worlds’ first 3D-printed Canal House. Amsterdam deputy mayor Carolien Gehrels, Amsterdam Smart City partners, the Amsterdam Economic Board, the Dutch Building Industries and DUS architects with the KamerMaker team signed a letter of intent and secure the start of the first building phase in 2013. It starts today!

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Augmented reality

Adding virtual layers to our canal house! We had a very nice meeting with augmented reality artist Sander Veenhof, testing the merging of 3D printing and augmented reality. The result was shown live at Vodafone Firestarters
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Printing in the snow!

The KamerMaker has been printing during the recent snow period! Stichting DOEN also gave us a visit to talk about what the KamerMaker will do in the upcoming year. We gave them a little demonstration.

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New extruder

We are assembling our new high-tec extruder for the KamerMaker with Servan from Xtrution, Joris and Siert!



We would like to thank the Virtueel Platform for supporting the KamerMaker by ordering 60 champagne glasses.  The glasses were given to all the speakers at the Howdoyoudo conference which took place in Gent, Belgium.   We also presented the KamerMaker at the conference where we had some great discussions with  the other presenters and attendees.   If you would like help support the KamerMaker, you can order your own champagne glass(es) here and we will ship them to you:

Also thanks again thanks to Joris for helping us print the champagne glasses again.